Friday, November 26, 2010
Playing Dress Up: Amy Sedaris

Last week, I went to see Amy Sedaris on her book tour for Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People at the Baghdad Theater. She just cracks me up (and everyone else in the theater that is). When asked about Martha Stewart, she spoke of her as a "he" and imitated her in a man's voice (I love you Martha, but I couldn't help but laugh) and she'd say quirky little things like, "That was F-U-N". I just kept smiling the whole night.

Amy has some adorable, vintage-inspired style and it has inspire me to do another "Playing Dress Up" post featuring her.

She's often wearing a pair of thick, black rimmed eyeglasses:

This post has taken me longer than I had anticipated because I found so much that I thought Amy would look great in! I narrowed it down to a few looks.

Here's the FIRST:



You could always go for the Jerri Blank look with a track mark covering turtle neck and some high rise pants...

Take Care,


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010
19. It's Been Awhile. Forgive Me.
For my few readers, forgive my absence. Moving has greatly taken it's toll on me. Now we have somewhat settled into our new home and are getting used to our new life.
We've been doing all kinds of great things since moving to Portland, but I only have photos of an outfit from our night out to see the Oregon Symphony play the music for Psycho on Halloween. I wasn't in costume, just threw on some red and black for the occasion:

The move has gone really well. I was a bit bummed at first because I wasn't very excited about the job I was working and I really missed my friends. I feel like things are really falling into place though. I'm pretty exhausted (physically & financially) with the moving process that is never ending. I can't complain too much though, our apartment is everything we hoped for (maybe a little run down, but we have quiet neighbors and the rent is low). I also found a new job. I got hired at Whole Foods and am cake decorating again. I feel like I have kind of a "big kid" job because I get to wear a chef's coat.
So, I've get to check off a few things from my Portland To-Do List, but the list grows longer and I have lots to do! I'm hoping that after I have a better idea of what my schedule will be that I may be able to sign up for some of those classes I was hoping for. We'll see.

Take Care,

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Thursday, October 21, 2010
18. In the New & Etsy Window Shopping
I had forgotten what it feels like to start over. A new city, a new job, new home. When you feel kind of stuck where you're at and you're dreaming of being somewhere else, you can kind of idealize this somewhere else. The grass is always greener, you know.
I've only been in Portland for about a month, but I am very much having my ups and downs with it. Driving around sometimes feels rewarding because I think Wow, I actually know where I'm going! ... I didn't get lost! Then, it can be awful because there are so many aggressive drivers and, well, I get lost a lot!
Starting at a new job has been much harder than I had anticipated. I got so comfortable at my old bakery job that I thought I was over being shy/socially awkward/socially anxious. Well, news flash to self, I'm not. I guess it doesn't help that almost all the staff mainly speak spanish, and although I am half Puerto Rican, I do not look or speak the part. I almost quit the other day. I was really honest with my manager about how much my mistakes were bothering me and that I didn't really feel like I was fitting in with the team. He was so nice about it and really wants to help figure out a way to make me feel more comfortable. I'm really happy that I just said something because he was really understanding and it kind of snapped me back into reality of it not just being my fault that I've been feeling this way.
I'm going to try really hard in being more active about learning about this city and getting out and doing new things. I need to get myself out of this rut.
On a brighter note, let me share my Etsy Window Shopping for this week!

Drooling and double checking my bank account right now....

Take Care,


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Sunday, October 10, 2010
17. Fell in Love with a Veil
Let me warn you, I'm letting you take a peak into my crazy...

No matter how many times Zak reassures me that he's not weirded out and doesn't think I'm crazy, I'm pretty sure he is and does. I bought a veil. For my dream future wedding. I could tell him "It's just a facinator/hat", but let's be real here. I just couldn't help myself. I fell in love with it and knew it was the one (maybe some other time I'll do a post about how much I love Zak and I'll replace "it" with "him" and "he" in this sentence).

I was window shopping at DearGoldenVintage on Etsy, drooling over all the dresses and shoes when something caught my eye. It was meant to be, I had to have it. This gorgeous facinator:

With delicate cream fabric flowers, ribbon, and dark navy blue veil with rhinestones, it's perfect. It will sit waiting patiently in my closet, wrapped in it's own little box, awaiting it's debut.

Lauren (of DearGoldenVinage)is so sweet and wonderful. I'm sure anyone who is reading has visited her shop umpteen times because it's filled with such beautiful items. I will definitely be a returning customer!

Take Care,


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Monday, September 27, 2010
16. Good For You, Not So Good For Me.
There are a couple of dresses that I've decided will eventually go up in my shop. Good for you because they are pretty little 50's prom dresses. Not so good for me because the purple one has been mine for years, but it's time to give her up. Moving has left me unemployed which hasn't been the case basically since I was a teenager and started working. This hurts a bit though, but I'll get over it. (I haven't even listed it yet, sheesh! I'm a bit of a drama queen, aren't I?)

This dress was actually my sister's. She's ready to part with it, but there is a big part of me that is just dying to keep it. It wouldn't quit fit me, but I'd make it work!

There you have it! So, keep an eye on the shop for these beauties.

Take Care,


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Sunday, September 26, 2010
15. His & Hers
We spent a good chunk of our day trying to fix up the room we're staying in. Unload some clothing, organize our boxes, and fix our floor bed. Yes, you read right, our floor bed. I thought it was a bit funny to see the contrast between Zak's side of the closet and mine.



This is the story of our lives.

Take Care,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
14. Goodbye Humboldt, Hello Portland!

Dress - Thrifted; Jacket - Vintage

Well, it's my first day here in Portland and all I'm doing thus far is reminiscing about Humboldt. Above is the outfit I wore out to our goodbye brunch. I found the dress at a little thrift shop in Laytonville and couldn't pass it up because it fit me perfectly, it has a flowy skirt and applique detail! The jacket was my mom's and I was so excited that I got to wear it. I never do because, in Humboldt, it's either too wet out when it's cold or too hot out when it's not wet.

Our favorite people from Humboldt met us for our brunch and/or going out for drinks and it really made me sad to say goodbye to such wonderful people. We got a few going away gifts, a friend gave me an apron she made. I was so excited when I opened it because all I saw at first was cream fabric, pink ribbons, and lace! We also were given a bunch of the delicious things of Humboldt (minus the chips, they are just my favorite, so my friend threw them in!):

Have'A Corn Chips; Baklava from Desserts On Us (so flippin' good!); Dark Chocolate Bar from Sjaak's Chocolate; Oliveira Merlot from Dry Creek Valley Winery; Larrupin (the best sweet mustard on the planet! Seriously, you have to try some.) from The Larrupin Cafe; Zimmerman Preserves; and our newest favorite, Humoldt Hot Sauce (seriously hot!)

We also were given a gift to help us on our long drive up!:

I have a To-Do list for Portland, that I clearly have not gotten started on:

1. Take my resume out to as many of the local bakeries as I can.
2. Sign up for classes (sewing, letterpress, and photography).
3. Find a new piano teacher.
4. Learn as much about the city as I can.
5. Support Zak in the music scene.

... and I'm sure it will grow longer...

Thanks for reading & Take Care,


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