Monday, September 27, 2010
16. Good For You, Not So Good For Me.
There are a couple of dresses that I've decided will eventually go up in my shop. Good for you because they are pretty little 50's prom dresses. Not so good for me because the purple one has been mine for years, but it's time to give her up. Moving has left me unemployed which hasn't been the case basically since I was a teenager and started working. This hurts a bit though, but I'll get over it. (I haven't even listed it yet, sheesh! I'm a bit of a drama queen, aren't I?)

This dress was actually my sister's. She's ready to part with it, but there is a big part of me that is just dying to keep it. It wouldn't quit fit me, but I'd make it work!

There you have it! So, keep an eye on the shop for these beauties.

Take Care,


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Blogger Diana said...
I wish I could pull off fabulosity like this. Imagine, wearing this to the grocery store. I wish I was that woman.

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