Wednesday, November 17, 2010
19. It's Been Awhile. Forgive Me.
For my few readers, forgive my absence. Moving has greatly taken it's toll on me. Now we have somewhat settled into our new home and are getting used to our new life.
We've been doing all kinds of great things since moving to Portland, but I only have photos of an outfit from our night out to see the Oregon Symphony play the music for Psycho on Halloween. I wasn't in costume, just threw on some red and black for the occasion:

The move has gone really well. I was a bit bummed at first because I wasn't very excited about the job I was working and I really missed my friends. I feel like things are really falling into place though. I'm pretty exhausted (physically & financially) with the moving process that is never ending. I can't complain too much though, our apartment is everything we hoped for (maybe a little run down, but we have quiet neighbors and the rent is low). I also found a new job. I got hired at Whole Foods and am cake decorating again. I feel like I have kind of a "big kid" job because I get to wear a chef's coat.
So, I've get to check off a few things from my Portland To-Do List, but the list grows longer and I have lots to do! I'm hoping that after I have a better idea of what my schedule will be that I may be able to sign up for some of those classes I was hoping for. We'll see.

Take Care,

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