Friday, November 26, 2010
Playing Dress Up: Amy Sedaris

Last week, I went to see Amy Sedaris on her book tour for Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People at the Baghdad Theater. She just cracks me up (and everyone else in the theater that is). When asked about Martha Stewart, she spoke of her as a "he" and imitated her in a man's voice (I love you Martha, but I couldn't help but laugh) and she'd say quirky little things like, "That was F-U-N". I just kept smiling the whole night.

Amy has some adorable, vintage-inspired style and it has inspire me to do another "Playing Dress Up" post featuring her.

She's often wearing a pair of thick, black rimmed eyeglasses:

This post has taken me longer than I had anticipated because I found so much that I thought Amy would look great in! I narrowed it down to a few looks.

Here's the FIRST:



You could always go for the Jerri Blank look with a track mark covering turtle neck and some high rise pants...

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