Wednesday, September 22, 2010
14. Goodbye Humboldt, Hello Portland!

Dress - Thrifted; Jacket - Vintage

Well, it's my first day here in Portland and all I'm doing thus far is reminiscing about Humboldt. Above is the outfit I wore out to our goodbye brunch. I found the dress at a little thrift shop in Laytonville and couldn't pass it up because it fit me perfectly, it has a flowy skirt and applique detail! The jacket was my mom's and I was so excited that I got to wear it. I never do because, in Humboldt, it's either too wet out when it's cold or too hot out when it's not wet.

Our favorite people from Humboldt met us for our brunch and/or going out for drinks and it really made me sad to say goodbye to such wonderful people. We got a few going away gifts, a friend gave me an apron she made. I was so excited when I opened it because all I saw at first was cream fabric, pink ribbons, and lace! We also were given a bunch of the delicious things of Humboldt (minus the chips, they are just my favorite, so my friend threw them in!):

Have'A Corn Chips; Baklava from Desserts On Us (so flippin' good!); Dark Chocolate Bar from Sjaak's Chocolate; Oliveira Merlot from Dry Creek Valley Winery; Larrupin (the best sweet mustard on the planet! Seriously, you have to try some.) from The Larrupin Cafe; Zimmerman Preserves; and our newest favorite, Humoldt Hot Sauce (seriously hot!)

We also were given a gift to help us on our long drive up!:

I have a To-Do list for Portland, that I clearly have not gotten started on:

1. Take my resume out to as many of the local bakeries as I can.
2. Sign up for classes (sewing, letterpress, and photography).
3. Find a new piano teacher.
4. Learn as much about the city as I can.
5. Support Zak in the music scene.

... and I'm sure it will grow longer...

Thanks for reading & Take Care,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
That dress is thrifted?! Lucky, lucky girl. It's beautiful on you!


Blogger OldFashionAllies said...
Yes, rebekkaseale! It had a weird stain on it, but I managed to get it out and it's a great dress! So happy I bought it and fixed it!

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