Sunday, September 19, 2010
13. Moving Day: Etsy Buys

The moving process can be awful. Zak read somewhere that you can be most productive when you work 48 minutes and then rest for 12 minutes. So, here I am in one of my 12 minute resting periods blogging.
I really enjoyed doing my kitty dress up themed blog with everything Etsy, so, I thought I would continue on a themed path. This time it's a moving theme.

For packing and the drive up:

For keeping pen pals:

Since I already have a typewriter (okay, two of them), there's this Typewriter Necklace from boygirlparty

For the housewarming party:

I cannot wait until we are at the housewarming bit... It seems like it is never going to get here.

Take Care,


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