Wednesday, September 8, 2010
11. Playing Dress Up: Holiday Kitty
Zak and I have been told that REAL cat people know what their cat's human personality is. For instance, a couple we had stay with us said something along the lines of, "We like to think Nicole Richie (name of cat) is financially in debt to us. So, she knows she has to stay and give us love once and awhile as payment." When they asked us what we imagined Holiday's story as, we were dumbfounded.

Ever since, we've been trying to decipher what her human personality is. We've come up with a couple of things, like perhaps she's a Duchess. She's prim and proper at times, but can also be playful and let loose. Or that she may be like her namesake, Holiday Golightly, a bit distant, but shows you love and attention when it is convenient for her. Aloof, but desperate for attention.

Anyway, all this cat human personality talk has got me thinking. Since I am vintage obsessed, I decided I needed to give Holiday an outfit. This is what I've come up with (with a little help from Zak):

Makes me wonder what accessories Holiday would choose, but that's for another day! What would your pet wear?

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Blogger lauren said...
hahaha! this is crazy cute! I want to make an outfit for my Ella!

Blogger The Greedy Seagull said...
Love it! I think my chihuahua Nero would wear a tweed cap and a grandpa vest. Or maybe a fairy costume because he is such a little wuss! Haha

Such an adorable post! Totally think that sweater would bring out Holiday's eyes, by the way.

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