Wednesday, August 11, 2010
7. Shipwreck & Coffee

( mmm hmm... Yes, I did vignette that. If it wasn't cheesy enough, it is now. )
Zak and I had a lovely day together. We wandered the streets of Old Town and visited one of our favorite little shops, Shipwreck. They have some amazing vintage clothing & accessories, kitchenware, and even more amazing cute little handmade items. They also sell fresh flowers, which is by far the cutest thing ever (they even wrap up your bouquet in some colorful tissue paper). You can't walk into that shop without getting a little giddy.

As we wandered about some more, we took a few snap shots. And, yes, Zak really is dressed to the nines everyday. I don't know how he dresses so nice even when he is working (he bakes at a local bakery).

In case you were wondering...
Dress. Vintage from Flashback; Belt. Thrifted; Shoes. From Ross a very very long time ago; Flower hair clip. Gifted from my Godmother.

We also went to our work's Old Town location and grabbed a little coffee. I have to say, this location is the cutest of them all. Brick walls, a little fireplace, lots of windows, local art, and yummy goodies. Zak wasn't eager to go because he thought it would feel like we were just visiting our work, but it was actually quite relaxing.

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