Monday, July 26, 2010
5. Mi Abuelita de la Moda

Initially, I wanted my first post to be about my grandmother, but I felt uneasy writing about her when I wasn't quite sure what I was doing here in the first place. I'm also still grieving (she passed away in January), so writing about her in this context is difficult. I do feel it will be good for the healing process, to write a little about her life in a way that is relevant to myself and my blog.

When I think of what my grandma wore, I think of bright colored oversized button ups and flashy gold, silver, or bedazzled shoes. It wasn'tquite as tacky as it sounds mind you; it was a style all her own, matching her personality.

While I wouldn't say she was my fashion icon while growing up, when my mom and I were going through her pictures I learned that she was quite the fashionista back in the day. She's always loved clothing and fashion and I found so many pictures that I just adore. I'm most envious of this bathing suit (and her figure!):

This outfit is very much something I would wear:

I'm truly a sucker for dresses with big bows and hats to match:

She had a very big wig and flared pattern pant stage:

She loved to travel and was always taking trips all over the world. Her partner in crime was her best friend (my Godmother), Carmen. There are some amazing stories of their travels. They could get out of any predicament by smiling and putting on their Puerto Rican charm. A good example of that is when my grandma got us a ride in a VIP private car in San Francisco by schmoozing the driver. Here are Carmen and my grandma on one of their trips (I love my Godmother's nautical dress):

And a more recent photo on one of their trips. Aren't they the cutest ladies?

I love and miss her very much. I'm happy to share these photos and how beautiful she was in person and in spirit.

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This is a very sweet post, I noticed it in my blogger updates earlier today and was waiting to read and check out the pics later in the evening. I'm not sure why, but I cannot see the pictures! Hopefully you (or I) can get this resolved!

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